Luftwaffe pilot

Can anyone identify the manufacturer of the following figure?
Where can I find a head for him?

Can you give us a scale/ size ?
Is it Hans Marseille?

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1/35 scale. It seems a tropical uniform but I don’t know if it is Hans Marseille.

Material ? White metal ? I had one in 54 mm that was Marsielle . Approx 1/32 scale . Trying to remember the manufacturer.

Would one of these heads fit?


Does he need headgear?


It’s resin but I don’t know if it’s original. I’ve bought long time ago second…

I’d like with a headgear. Crusher Cap

Blue or white

This is the one I had and was thinking of - Valiant Miniatures- but obviously not the same as the one you posted has his hand in pocket .

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It’s nice. Could be too

kind of looks like a Tamiya Desert English figure. if 1/35there ar qa bunch of manufactures. check out Armorama for info.

Ah, the ubiquitous “pointing German officer” figure. I’ll bet at least two dozen of us have one of these languishing in the stash somewhere. Cut that cap off and add it to a Hornet head, a little Milliput for the emblem - voila!

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If it’s 1/35 you could use the head from
Tamiya 89641 WWII German Machine Gunner & Luftwaffe Ace Pilot
or if it can use a slightly larger head there’s
ICM German Luftwaffe Pilots (1939-1945)
less defined detail on pilot in
Women at War: Germany, Luftwaffe Helferinnen
If you are lucky you might find
Fine Molds AD-01 Hans Marseille or version 2
Best regards
John W.

I don’t think so. The figure has a Iron Cross at his neck

I’ll try the Fine Molds Marseille.

It’s not a bad idea. I have this set.