Moonward ho!

Watching the crisis in the Ukraine unfold I quickly grabbed another kit from Red Iron in Moscow. Just to have one in case the US president decides to nuke Russia. Or reverse. You never now :thinking: :grinning:

A fistful of resin parts and a large fret of PE:

These large circles are the wheels in beeing. They just want to get folded into shape and glued to each other. Of course the wheels are handed… The size of the construction manual is impressive too. Yep, this is definitly not a shake-n’-bake kit. This will become a serious effort. Maybe in autumn, during my vacation. We shall see.


  • dutik

That looks really interesting Dutik!
That etch is going to be challenging.

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What is its size?


An interesting looking buggy that’s for sure! Are you modelling it with the round solar panel looking thing open or closed?

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Not very large. Finally it had to fit into the top of a rocket. So it is just about the size of a WW2 medium tank turret. Think of a Sherman or a Panzer IV turret without skirts.


Open of course to show all the goodies ad to add a splash of color. Closed it looks like a wheeled trolley or a small trailer. Very boring indeed.


  • dutik

This was the very first space-related object I wanted to model in the early eighties. There was a simplified model building tip article in a book with details about how to make and motorize it. That scale could be quite large compared to yours and it was amazing for a 10 yrs old boy.

Would love to buy this kit…

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Nice subject. I too wanted to get one but I am big picky and would like this in larger scale so it can look cool in my glass cabinet. However, this is looking nice and cannot wait to see you start cracking at it.

Better hurry, as you said…it might not be enough time. That guy in the WH might fall asleep sitting behind that red button while licking his ice cream and hit the big red button with his head. I that sense we all better start crackin get this kits finished :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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