M-109 Shop Van Complete

Calling this project done. Except for the pioneer tool rack which eluded me until after the images were taken. This is the AFV Club M109 Shop Van, built out of the box. I used a combination of Tamiya, AK Real Color and Vallejo paints, and AK Elastic Putty for laying out the MERDC pattern camouflage. I found that the unit marking for the bumpers were pretty thick and a tad oversized. Overall, a lot of detail, especially in the shop area with the power and hand tools, cabinets, etc. I used the kit vinyl tires, with a matte varnish base followed by various acrylic colors and oil washes.


Looks great!
I love the lightly used look.

That looks really nice. Good job.

Nice job on the MERDC. :+1: :+1:

Holy crap , thought that was a real truck lol! Awesome job

Very nice build finish and paint finish

Very nice work. Brings back a lot great memories. Have one of these in the stash waiting its turn.


My favourite version of my favourite US truck in my favourite camouflage scheme.

Love this.

Regards jason

Very nice build and finish. It’s good to see some of the service and support vehicles we used to rely on to keep us on the move. :+1::+1:

Cracking model Jim, just love it; I think I like MERDC almost as much as the MASSTER one.

Real sweet build of an unusual subject.

Thanks for all of the feedback. Funny how I really can’t get decent images using the phone inside, but move outside and what a difference!

Very nice indeed! Beautiful paint job and I like the light weathering.