M-1129 MC-B Stryker

Hi all, I have a question, somebody have the dimensions of the 120mm and 81mm mortar round cans to complete my stryker. I will do that in resin or scratch.

Hi Franck,
not exactly US mortar rounds but a start.
You can take a 4 mm rod and cut it to specific length.

Edit. MR Models has the tubes in their M1064 kit. These are 22 mm in lenght.

I assume you are talking about the fibertubes that contain the rounds?

For completeness sake, 81mm tube and box.

Tube measures 98mm in dia and 535mm in lenght.


The 81mm PA162 and 120mm PA167 Fiber Containers are spirally wound fiber tubes with telescoping covers and double crimpled metal ends. The windings of these fiber tubes consist of layers of kraft paper and polyolefin material. The PA167 outer dimensions are 5.43 inch diameter x 30.46 inch length, and the PA162 outer dimensions are 4.0 inch diameter x 27.06 inch length

from :

120 mm containers :



thanks all!

yes i’m late

Franck you´re welcome, I hope your build will be good.

yes, i’m working on US modern vehicles