M1 Abrams in Iraq

Dear Gentlemen
I share you some pictures of my Dragon Abrams

can you support me about the correct name of this version?


It looks pretty good. It is an M1A1. You have it a little confused though, it is marked as a USMC tank, but it has Army-style smoke launchers.

The USMC uses a smoke launcher w/8 separate tubes (two of the 4-shots used on HMMWVs stacked).

Close-ups (the USMC one is in the top picture ) :


Why the U.S. army launcher has round and oblong holes. Projectiles don’t have all the same shape ? Munitions used by USMC are different ?

The US Army version only has 6 launchers (round holes). The oblong holes are just there to fill space in the casting. They both (USMC and US Army) use the same smoke grenades.

OK, thank you Gino.

thank you for the support
i didn’t know this difference.

All you need to know about US smoke grenade launchers