M1 abrams Q

Hello all,

Working on my third modern tank, a Tamiya M1A2 and I had a question. Not very knowledgeable with modern stuff, but I’ve been doing what I can to make the kit look a bit better.

My question is, how are the spare sprocket attached?m (#22)

Kit has a bunch of extra stuff to populate the turret and I was wondering if the spare sprocket was bolted down or something? Haven’t managed to find anything clear.


There is four bolt holes in that location that can be used, most folks add a spare wheel instead of the sprocket. You could switch it around with part 7.


Wouldn’t it interfere with the CITV use ?


You could add both sprocket and roadwheel.

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Good point, IDK. As our didn’t have those so I didn’t think about that.

Thanks for the 1:1 picture John. I was misled by the Trex part view…


No problem H.P. - I’m gathering the stuff together for a future project at the moment so I’ve been collecting images of the earlier M1A2 configurations.

You provide so much stuff for the rest of us, it’s always nice to be able to return the favour :slight_smile:


Great. Thanks for the replies.

Abrams roof has two spots that hold 4 bolts each. These bolts are for bolting the lifting lugs. A good place to secure spare roadwheels and sprockets.