M1 Abrams Reforger 83

Hi all, I have a question for you experts, it’s possible to recognize if this Abrams is an M1 or an IP version? My dubt is about the rear of the turret, the extra load covered by the Barracuda camo net seems to be a bit too…how to say, external from the turret lenght, like if the rear turret basket was in place.
Can someone of you kindly help me? Many thanks in advance


The M1IP was not fielded until 1984. If it is REFORGER '83, I am guessing it is a straight M1.

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Welcome to Kitmaker! I agree with Gino about it being a straight M1. It would make a interesting model for someone to build though… :wink:

Thank you very much, and thank you for the nice welcome.
in fact I think it’s a beautiful subject to built and honestly I’m thinking about it.

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If you do please do a build log! I love Abrams!

Lucio, please do build that M1! I’d love to see it.

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Gentlemen, you are tempting me, but I would still have problems with the decals, I only know that they were 11th Cav vehicles, I do not know which tank is the one in the picture, unless I cheat and cover everything with mud, which is feasible but I should then ask Gino if it would be equally realistic.
Secondly, it would be a shame to build a good kit, like that of the Panda Hobbies, and then cover it with the camouflage net, a real waste, the ideal would be to use an old kit like a Tamiya and only take care of the hull, while the turret being blanket could be overlooked.

Just an Idea but ESCI has a really cheap Early M1… :grin:

And a really crappy one. Theirs is all sorts of off. Stay far away from it.

The markings could be covered. No hard and fast answer on it.

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Yes Gino is 100% correct, the ESCI kit is crap but what I meant is that Lucio could use a Tamiya or Panda or RFM hull and guns but use the ESCI turret.

… I was even thinking to using an old kit built in the 80’s and converting it for this project :roll_eyes:
Just a question, looking at the photos of that period it does not seem to me, but on the Abrams the anti-slip was already present or it was adopted later?

As a sidenote, Barracuda Camoflage System was fielded much later. So you could use a simple camo net.

Hermann is absolutely correct…barracuda was never seen in any reforger exercise

are you sure? because what I see in the photo to me seems to be a Barracuda net

If this is a Barracuda net then is the same on the picture, if not, then I don’t know what kind of net is this

Picture posted for discussion only


Still the best looking tank ever.

Caption says this is REFORGER '82

But due to new information, it just as easily could be the Proterozoic era

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That is standard US military camo netting. It hasn’t changed for eons.


Wow…what an ignorant and mean spirited reply. Maybe he does not have the money to buy expensive kits and has to buy the older and less expensive kits. If he is enjoying the hobby, the joy of his modeling is for him, not you.

He is trying to help a fellow modeler out after stating he does not need the turret to be finished…so yes it would make sense to go with a cheaper kit for the turret.

Happy New Year, and may you find some cheer in the new year!!!


Billions of years huh?

Let me guess, the word decades wasn’t available at the time of posting?


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