M1 Abrams track change question

It seems we have a few former & current Abrams crew in our midst so here goes. Last year I was helping a R/C modeler on another site regarding brackets on the lower hull sides whos purpose was unknown to him. After some searching I discovered they were for mounting the “track torque binder”, item #9.

My question is how is it used, does it simply guide the track as it is fed over the return rollers ?

Idk, my unit/tank didn’t have anything like that. Cable/chains where used to reattach track.

I would think as part of the BII every vehicle would have it.

Got this from my -10 manual:

Since there is only two support rollers on the M1 that chain is used to bridge the gap between the two.
The track would ride over the top of the chain.

Great, thanks for the confirmation !

Basically, yea. There are only two return rollers to support the track, and the side skirts and support brackets interfere with getting the track on. So the chain (track torque binder, what a name!) helps to guide the track from the back to the front. When done, you do need to remember to remove the chain or else you will have a real mess to fix.

It might have been or should have been but that was over 20+ years. Just cause they said you should have it doesn’t mean they provided it. Adapt and overcome.

You beat me to it!

Thanks Ken !

It was part of the BII issued with every tank. However, you could do the job without it. You could use a rope instead, or go very slow and have a guy with a tankers bar lift the track over the obstacles.

Got it, thanks !

Ohh, I’ll bet !

I always have my -10 handy👍

What unit/tank were you on, and when?

I was USMCR on M1A1 during 1998/99. Just don’t ever recall seeing that item. As I recall we used rope/cable/chain to guide the track over the support rollers.

Hmm., maybe the USMC didn’t use them, I don’t know. But as noted above, a rope or chain works just fine. All this thing really is is a fancy chain with a big name added to it. Typical Army. Now did you have the hydraulic end connector puller?

You must have a newer edition than mine.image
This mentions not mixing T-156 and T-158 tracks. Mine was written before there were T-158 tracks.

It is possible we didn’t get the binder but also likely it was lost/broken or not issued. I had to look up the puller and a few grey matter suggests we did have one. Our tanks where not just for our units use. We shared hogs with active duty units TDY and they where treated like rentals. One of those bean counters save money but they never meant a resourceful Lance Corporal.