M1 crosswind sensor

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Could you guide me on when to use which crosswind sensor? Is it depending on the the type of M1? Included in Dragons AIM, SEP and SEP V2 you can choose from both types. I´ve also seen pictures where the crosswind sensor been painted black, would it be only the part that can be folded or the “mount” as well?

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I remember part Q6 being really common.

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Neither the type nor paint color applies to Abrams type. I believe the flatter cover (Q6) is the later version added on M1A1s. However, either type can still be seen since the tanks have been rebuilt/updated multiple times. Paint is a unit thing as well, not type specific.

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There are actually a couple more variations than just the two listed, but at 1/35 the difference is minor, just the size and location of holes. The two basic types, “T” top and round top were pretty much interchangeable back when I was in, AFAIK that is still true.
I have seen some with black paint at the base, but mostly they are painted whatever the tank is painted. If it is a field repaint, then masking tape would be applied to cover the holes so they don’t get clogged with paint. This would leave little spots of the original color.

This was the first XM1 in Germany

M1A1 in Gulf war, round top with a dust cover on it

M1A1 in Gulf War, T top

M1A2 with T top

M1A2 SEP? with newer version



Thanks @tankerken and @HeavyArty for this info. I´ll go with “Q6” for all three then. /Freddy