M1 MBT in odd Camo

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Hola Gents, is anyone able to shed light on this, to me, oddity, please? Found while looking for something else, no further info, sorry. Maybe an Opfor vehicle?


Could be indeed. These belong to the Hawg Company (H Co), 2nd Squadron, 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment at the National Training Center on Fort Irwin, Calif. :



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That’s nicely different.
Cant tell from my screen, but is that a dark brown banding with a black lining?

Yes, those are 11 ACR OPFOR M1A1s. The colors are straight brown and sand, no black outlines.

Done about 15 years ago when I was stationed at the NTC.

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Thanks Gino -so its just a sharp outline to the brown. I might try that .

That’s interesting. I just got back from an NTC rotation last month and all I saw (albeit from a distance) were VISMOD M-113’s. None of the pre-deployment orientation materials mentioned or depicted M-1’s.

@Apache26 im pretty sure in our vehicle guide book we had the M1s as playing T-90s. That was also last March before covid hit.

Here’s a Abrams “T-90” at the US Army Armor School at Ft Knox, KY in 1999

More NTC Abrams without side skirts :

M1 KVT ((Krasnovian Variant Tank) :



It’s amazing how different the Abrams looks without her skirts (or with those rubber ones).


Thanks, all; some great images there of a great MBT. More modelling inspiration for sure.