M1 Tank Power Pack Lifting Sling 12475613 for M1A1 / M1A2 Abrams engine

Just for fun, I decided to show folks who don’t have a 3D printer how easy this is. I’ve done some 3D work for my IDF 155 SPG’s, but I know my limitations. I’m faster with an X-Acto.

I only intended to model the long support on top. As you can see from the previous photos I chose the riveted version as it’s a bit more interesting.

I started with .015 x .156 strip, and added the flanges to the “C” channel with .010 x .060 strip .
Combined that adds up to .176 inches, or a scale 6.16 inches. For folks who like “close enough” I guess that’ll do. Truthfully you cannot get any closer to six scale inches using existing sizes of Evergreen, so I guess I will give it a pass.
I made two C channels two inches long, and then another center strip of .040 cut the the exact dimension of .176 inches to match the outer channel pieces.

I cemented all three components together leaving the C channel just a hair shorter than the center section so you can see it’s made from three pieces.

Now you can add that top protruding piece with more .040.

I added a few rivets. Normally I would use my punch set, but as many people don’t have a punch set I sliced off pieces of .025 Evergreen rod. That works out to .875 inches. Perfect.
If I were doing this seriously for myself with bits of rod, I’d cement them all in place before adding the flanges, and then file them down to a uniform height. Sure beats trying to cut tiny slivers all to the same length.

So there you go - all the dimensions are the best you can get with Evergreen. If I were building this for myself I might take a bit more time.
As it was, I used the stop watch on my phone, pausing it when I waited for liquid cement to set up. Total build time: four minutes and twenty two seconds.