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A new announcement from Magic Factory!

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Now that is a wow’ser!!! usually building airplanes, this will be in my basket for sure.


That IS a surprise! I wonder how accurate it is? The Chinese get their hands on the blueprints before the first one is delivered!


The Chinese probably know more about it than the US Army does.

Their Type 15 incorporates a lot of M-10 features and looks very, very similar, similar specs and so on, and this was released to the public before the M-10 was.

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I assume that Booker was the name of US Army General or servicemember?

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Pvt. Robert D. Booker and Staff Sgt. Stevon A. Booker
Both died in action.


Named after two soldiers who died in battle; Staff Sgt. Stevon A. Booker (Iraq, 2003) and Pvt. Robert D. Booker (WWII).

Robin beat me to it.


by mere seconds …

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Looks good in forest green.

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Wow, the turn-around time to produce a M10 Booker is amazing. I didn’t think I’ll see one made until a few years have passed.

I really like how it comes with the extra roadwheels, tracks, and the anti-sniper microphone antennae.

I’m really tempted to place this in my cart one day.

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Great news. It looks like Magic Factory is focusing on recent/newer vehicles/subjects. They are quickly becoming the go-to company for modern stuff.


Wow ! Looks like a great kit.
Is the M10 airdroppable?

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No, at about 40 tons, it is too heavy. Too heavy for a C-130 as well. While the vehicle cannot be air dropped, it can be transported by air; two can fit inside a C-17.

Oh ok. Which vehicle is it replacing if any ?

It is replacing a capability that was lost when the M551 Sheridan was retired. The Sheridan was used in the 82nd ABN as fire support for light units. There was one Bn spread across the Div to do this. When they were retired in the mid-'90s, there was a void for this capability. The M10 is supposed to fill this role for all light divisions. It will be used like an assault gun in WWII; attacking strongpoints, obstacles, etc. in support of infantry on the ground. It is not intended to fight enemy tanks.

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I remember the tried to replace the Sheridan with the FMC M8 Armored Gun System, but the project was cancelled by Congress in 1996 due to budgetary constraints.

A further development of the M8 AGS was the XM1302 Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) testbed, which both BAE and General Dynamics Land Systems “Griffin” developed, the General Dynamics model
eventually became the M10 Booker.

BAE Mobile Firepower Platform prototype.

General DYnamics Land Systems Griffin, which was adopted as the M10 Booker.

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The M8 and M10 are totally different vehicles that don’t share a lineage. All they share is the same M35 105mm gun. You have the pictures in order, just not the narrative.

The FMC M8 AGS started in the '80s as a replacement for the M551 Sheridan. It was cancelled in the mid-90s.
Top picture.

A later version of the M8 (XM1302 MPF) was developed by BAE Sytems (who bought FMC) for entry into the Mobile Protected Firepower (MPF) competition but was not selected.
Middle picture.

The M10 started as the General Dynamics Land Systems Griffin II platform, which is based on an Austrian-Spanish designed family of vehicles known as ASCOD (Austrian Spanish Cooperation Development). This vehicle won the MPF competition and was christened as the M10 Booker. It is supposed to begin fielding at Ft Liberty (Bragg) w/the 82d ABN in 2025.
Bottom picture.

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Oh yeah that’s what I thought thanks Gino

It can be LAPESed…

Saw a beat up M8 at Moore a few weeks ago.