M1068A3 asking for information

Greetings from Greece to all the members of the KIT MAKER forum.

For the last five years (although with long breaks) I am trying to build a high fidelity 1/35 model of a US Army Μ1068Α3 with interior, more specifically a Μ1068Α3 of a MLRS battalion.

For guidance, I found several pictures and downloaded technical manuals. Regarding the pictures, most of them are from several years back , so I am not aware of the latest vehicle arrangement, which includes computers, radios, antennas and more. This is where I ask for your help… if you could provide me with relevant pictures/drawings/information etc, so that I will be able to continue with my building!

Hopefully, I will upload pictures of my working progress soon, as work and family obligations don’t leave me with much free time…!

Thank you in advance!!

Have you seen this at Shapeways, by our own Michael “MikeyBugs95” Goldberg.

Yes I have seen this… I hope to build the generator on my own… but his radios are awesome and probably the only choice I have!

I agree on his radios and intercom systems as well. All his products are awesome. I too have plans to build one…eventually.

Hi there,
I was recently out with 1/142 FA AR ARNG. Took some pics but no chance to get inside the track, let alone taking pics. All I can tell is that FA use the Harris Loop Antenna, but it is tricky to build in scale.

Sorry for my delayed reply.

HermannB what do you mean you were out with 1/142 FA AR ARNG… lucky you! However, I would like to see the photos, maybe they will help me.

From an internet search I found that the Harris Loop Antenna is connected to the AN/PRC-150 radio and RF-382A-15 Antenna Coupler. The problem is that I do not know their exact location inside and outside the vehicle.

I also guess that the standard SINCGARS radio is connected to the other antennas… but what type are they? I recently found on facebook photos from 75th Field Artillery Brigade that in addition to Loop Antenna also had Cobham COM201B VHF antennas or something like that. But I could not figure out which antenna base, AS-3916, AS-3900 or other, was used. Finally, what type of antenna is attached on the telescopic mast … or is it no longer used?

I would like to paint my vehicle with the classic NATO camo, which is my favorite, but I cannot find any photos with this camo and the above communication combinations. What a mess…