M107 and M132 displayed in Ho Chi Minh City

Hi all
a friend of mine shares with us some pictures he recently took in Vietnam.

The both walkarounds can be seen at my site.
Modern military modeling


i wander if this was taken at the war remnants museum in Saigon.

I could ask my friend.


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I’m pretty sure that M107 is the one left behind in Chu Lai. It was pretty much intact, and setting right outside the old MAG13 PX. Most others were fragged

I’m glad that they restored both of these vehicles and not let them rust away (like the M48 that’s near the M107).

They could take a couple of the M48A3s they have in storage, restore the US Army or US Marine markings and put them on display next to these.

Like the ones on either side of this M107 in storage.


the only time i saw the flame thrower version was in a museum in Saigon, which is why i mentioned it. i have photo of it before the new paint job and to be fair it looked in a pretty good state back in the mid 1990’s.

@Bison126 Thanks for sharing.

For what it’s worth, one of the three decal options in the Dragon M132 kit is based off this M132.

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They would look better without the spurious US markings. The number, black on yellow, on the front and back of each vehicle, marks these as ex-ARVN captures.


Considering that these were vehicles taken during the fall of South Vietnam, the markings would be right. They weren’t captured from American units. The equipment sent over during this period still had American markings. Wayne