M1070 - Trumpeter builds the dump version?

Hi all, I was surprised to see that Trumpie have brought out a dump truck version of their 1/35 M1070. It wasnt that long ago I learned that my Black Dog dump conversion kit was a no go as it didnt enter US Army service.

Has that situation changed since, or are Trumpie having a laugh?

Nothing has changed… :wink:



Just making use of the existing molds they already have. I know some dislike because it isn’t a military option but it is also something that is real unlike many military model that are produced that only existed on paper. In the end, it’s an option for modelers
if they want it and don’t want to deal with resin.


I think this may have been a lack of research on their part. They saw surplus, camouflage painted trucks and assumed. I will get one because l like stuff like this. Maybe 2, and use one for wrecker conversion.


Wrecker conversion eh?

Any pics?

I do not know? You talk about Trumpeter ,yet the box art is really HobbyBoss? I’m sooooo confused!

My bad. It is, of course, a Hobby Boss kit. :woozy_face:

Re the post about a lack of research, I tend to agree.

But isn’t hobbyboss and trumpy the same company ? They swallowed each other at one time… after the molding issues and the I’ll make your molds cheap and steal your idea days

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This one is fitted with a Tru-Hitch T-250 heavy duty towing device

Another option


In action

Heavy hauling tractors



They seem to share their Facebook presence at least:

I was being my typical sarcastic self. They’ve always been together in some way shape or form and after the shake up they went through when they were accused of stealing from companies that paid them to produce molds for them they became one with two names.
I never found out if they paid the companies that they supposedly stole from but they ripped me off big time… took my pics said they were lost in the shuffle and then started producing the kits and told me to take a leap…

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Oooohh Yes!
I love the discrete colour :+1: :smile:
It would certainly light up the camouflage dominated display cabinet :grin:

The Far side

The rear spade extends backwards

Impressive rig …

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Pretty popular conversion. This one is in the UK.


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Are any of these camo’d M1070 Wreckers actual or ex-service vehicles?

I guess these are just converted surplus M1070 tractor trucks. Maybe the new owners thought the NATO camo looks cool and kept it…


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I don’t think any were converted in service. As for wreckers still in their military paint, it depends on the operator.

Sometimes they are left unpainted because of cost, why repaint something with perfectly good paint? sometimes because they are in use and they are needed so much that they don’t have time to repaint. Most operators will paint them, though.

Thanks Frenchy and Covkid. Phew! I was hoping they put a wrecker into service, but I’d sold my spare M1070 when I learned the dump version only served on Fantasy Island I’d like to have a couple shelves of wreckers from my M108 onwards, M543 right up to M984.