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This M1087 LMTV has had a serious amount of work done to it from the original kit to this Special Forces vehicle. It took a lot of work to build this Light Medium Tactical Vehicle from AttakornChin's Workbench

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Totally awesome and one of the best U.S. Special Forces 1/35 built kits I’ve ever seen!

The Airborne Miniatures’ RZR came out great…as did all the figures. I really like the red shades on the standing figure…a nice unique touch that I haven’t seen anyone else do.

The weathering, paint colors, and contrast are outstanding, in addition to the “richness” of all the stowage, eye candy accessories, and aftermarket products. WOW!

I agree. This is epic. I gotta do one of these someday. So much detail all over this thing. Really outstanding

It does look good. Lots of work. The title should be M1078 though. An m1087 is the 6x6 5-ton expando van version.

Looks like a ton of aftermarket stuff went into this thing. Last I checked, and I haven’t in a while , that truck was expensive.

This is a Black Dog conversion, not Pro Art stuff. Easily identifiable by the US fuel cans with 2 handles instead of 3…



And in the wild… I think these were up north in the Iraqi Kurdistan areas near Mosul, but don’t quote me on this.

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Weren’t these unofficial U.S. SOF LMTV conversions to being with?

I don’t believe that they exist anymore and that M-ATVs, JLTVs, GMVs, and MRAPs replaced these as everyday USSOCOM usage.

@Trisaw; i think you are correct. its similar with the Toyota pickup-trucks that were the norm in both iraq and Afghanistan.

The painting work is really impressive. I like the lightning redering.

I had thought to build a war pig, but didn’t. This is clearly not a model for a color blind person.