M109 track question

Would these tracks be correct for the AFV Rochev which is an A2?




Thanks. Misplaced the tracks and need to get a new set.

You can also get the Italeri ones, come with a jig for ease of assembly

Which in your opinion are better?

The AFV Club track links have a double sinkmark on the upper surface of every link and the connectors are a bit loose on the fit.

I like to glue my tracks, not have them workable, so I would go for Italeri.

I have also used Riich tracks, but they take too much time to assemble M109 Rochev Alef 1982 AFV Club

Thanks, appreciate the input.

As an added bit of info…

T-136 tracks were used on M108 and M109 through M109A5.

T-154 tracks are used on M109A6.

The difference between T-136 and T-154 is the position of the center guide tooth. T-136 track has them centered on the link. T-154 track has them offset toward the rear of the track.

T-161 tracks are used on M109A7 (and Bradleys since about 2014). They are totally different and only come/came in the Panda M109A7 and Kinetic M3A3 Bradley CFV, both of which are currently out of production.

M109A7 w/T-161 track.

Bradley w/T-161 track


The AFV Club track set do not fit the Italeri M108 and M109 range very well (ask me how I know), so I expect their tracks set will not fit the AFV Club kit as snuggly as required.

The inner track detail on the Kinetic and AFV Club are quite different. Kinetic on top:

Yes, Afv Club has knock out marks and sink marks galore…

Thanks for those photos. I opted for the AFV tracks and will deal with the punch out marks. Tedious I know.

I have never had an issue with AFV Club M109 tracks on Italeri M108/M109 howitzers. I find they fit perfectly and look great.

I have used two sets of the AFV Club tracks for the M109 so far. No fit issues. I dealt with the ejector pin/sink marks before removing them from the sprue. Using a Godhand (or similar) high quality nipper helps to minimize cleanup. Using a track jig eases the assembly.

I’ve just started the AFV M109A2 and am questioning the rubber band tracks. I’d like to upgrade to workable tracks, especially as the top run of track is exposed. I’d prefer something that’s easy to assemble but I dont have a jig for this type of work.

I posted earlier on this but lost the post. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

AFV track are probably your best bet in terms of price, availability and ease of assembly. They do have some draw backs as noted above.

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Thanks for that. Ordered a set today.