M1117 Guardian ASV

This is my build of the 1/35th scale Trumpeter kit. I added the Rhino anti-IED device, it was all PE with the exception of the bracket that mounts it to the hull. That had to be scratch-built, and getting the angles right was a challenge. I also added some other details, like the Duke antenna. I lost the small searchlight mounted in front of the turret to the carpet monster, but was able to cobble together a replacement. The decals are from Echelon and they gave me fits. They went on well, but were tiny and hard to get into position without ruining them. Luckily there were duplicates and I was able to get all but one stencil on. The civilians are from Meng, the Americans are from Miniart and Masterbox. The vehicle commander has a head from Hornet. The back wall and doorway was made from Evergreen plastic sheet and structural shapes. The wire insulators came from a Miniart set, as did the bracket above the door.

Thanks for looking, all comments and questions are welcome.


Nice job
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Very nicely done, Taffy! I like the extra detailing!

Very nice job. I would see the tires walls more dusty.


Thank you all, appreciate the comments.

As you know, the amount of dust on any vehicle can vary. I based mine on pictures I’d seen of pictures of vehicles on dirt streets in Iraq. They showed more dust on the tread than the sidewalls. And what dust is there doesn’t show up that well in my pix.

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Very nice build indeed

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