M1117 Guardian Turret question

Can anybody Tell me what is this in the red Circle? Mounting a external Machine Gun ? Please help me, greetings from Germany Michael

Yes, it is a pintle mount for an external gun, but I can’t find any pics of anything ever mounted there.

Yes, the same Problem That i have, no Pic in the www with any Thinge mounted there

Could be used to mount a sonic defense device, as made from Blast Models.

Normally, the mount holds an M2249 machinegun.


Scroll down halfway.

I have the Trumpeter kit of this vehicle. Right now construction is stopped because I can’t come up with a good way of depicting/representing the canvas(?) shroud surrounding the 0.50 cal. gun barrel. Anyone with ideas on how to do it? Suggestions gratefully accepted. I’ve tried paper and white glue, tin foil and/or putty but the results just don’t look very convincing.

I used tissue paper soaked with thin white glue. You don’t have to use one large piece, you can use several small pieces. The white glue will make any seams disappear. It’ll mostly be hidden behind the armored cover anyway.