M1120A4, Trumpeter 01091

Could this actually be an M1120A4?

Anyone know anything more about this?

I saw this in their recent catalog announcement as well. The pic is of an M1120A4 and the Iron Dome is actually mounted on an A4, so we shall see. If it is not an A4, they already have all the parts they need for the kit. Just combine the M1120A2 and the Iron Dome kits, new decals, and they would have it.

Fingers crossed that it is an actual A4 HEMTT.


I hope that too!

Fingers crossed!

Crossing fingers here as well :slight_smile:

… and Trumpeter, now we have your attention, the PLS (M1074/M1075) is now easier than ever for you to make :slight_smile:

Yes, this was one of my favorites and most time spent in trucks while i was in the army they need to do the whole HEMTT family with A4(HEMTT) and A2(PLS) variants