M113 APC kit questions

I want to venture slightly outside my usual model subjects and want to build several M113 kits in 1/35 scale. I specifically would like to build the M113A2 version. Does any available M113A2 kit stand out in ease of build or quality? Any kits to avoid?

I have access to an inexpensive Tamiya M113 kit No.35040. I suspect that it is a M113A1. Is the basic vehicle dimensions (sides, front, back, etc.) the same between a Tamiya M113A1 and A2 kit or are the vehicles radically different? That is, can I use decals sized for an A1 on an A2 kit as long as I modify whatever is different between the two versions? I may go with this option for one of the M113s as it is easy to get. Thanks for your help!
Have fun modeling

You can always use an Academy M113A3; it is not a 100% accurate representation, but it gets you close enough. There’re a few choices available from Tamiya, Italeri, Dragon and AFV Club, but Academy IMO is the best out of the bunch.

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Just unboxed an Academy M113A3 and it looks a nice kit, lots of detail including an interior. It will go with Tamiya, Legend and AFV Club products to make an M577.

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One detail that is short on most of the current kit offerings, is the fuel cell. Elefant offers a correctly shaped M113 fuel cell for the M113A1 and M113A2 variant and it’s derivatives.



Interesting! I would not of thought that an Academy M113A3 would be an option.

I have both the Academy and Tamiya versions; sadly, most of Tamiya’s offerings still use the original 1974 lower tub hull, which is molded aftere the original M113 gasoline version.

Tamiya M113 lower hull with molded suspension arms, from the original 1974 tooling. This is also the same tooling used on their M113A2 Desert version.

Academy M113 lower hull with separately molded suspension arms.

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Wow, that is a pretty big difference between the two kits. Looking at the Tamiya lower hull, I am surprised that they did not retool the M113 at some point.

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Agreed. Even the way the rear ramp attaches to the hull is different on both kits; the ramp on the Academy kit can be modeled with the ramp up, and the troop access hatch opened; something you can’t do with the Tamiya kit.

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I concur, the Academy M113A3 kit is probably the best to get. It gives you the most options as the earlier A1 and A2 parts also come in the kit. In my opinion, it is the most complete. Even the AFV Club M113s are missing interior parts.


The Academy ‘M113A3’ is mostly an A2 kit anyway, they didn’t really fix/add everything for an A3. (see Pawel’s build here: https://www.vodnik.net/p1/m113a3_wip.html
The Academy kit is adequate for your needs.


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With the M113A3, they just added a big sprue of extra parts to the M113A2 kit. CIP panels, stowage cages, smoke launchers, the Mk19 with the gun shield, extra ammo cans, etc…

Academy 13211 1/35 M113A3 ‘Iraq 2003’ Kit First Look (cybermodeler.com)

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I just finished the ARV Club kit and its a dog.
My version had way too much flash and a zillion push pins to clean up.

Afv Club is unbeatable in details, but only for very advanced modellers, it is really a dog to build

I’m sad to hear the new AFV Club M113 kit is a dog to build, i was rather looking forward to building the Vietnam era kit.

I picked up the M113a1 kit about six weeks ago, and from looking in the bags I see zero flash or mold shift. It’s so good that I’ll pick up two more. I did compare it to the Academy kit when I got it, and for as much as I like the Academy kit; I like this kit much more. Now if AFV would do a couple mortar tracks!

I think AFV Club is working on releasing two M-113 based kits; the M106 Mortar Carrier and the M577 Command Track.

If you look for my ANZAC day build thread you will see images of the flash and push pins etc. I would put a link here but this old dog doesnt know how to copy and paste on this device.

I got you…

ANZAC day build - Armor/AFV / Modern - KitMaker Network

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AFV kit has many very very small parts…I would recommend it to really experienced modllers only…but if you ve finished it, it s the best of all M113 series kits…only the tracks are crap what isn t aceptable at that price…but there are many aftermarket tracks…so .no problem :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone for the great input! I have a much better appreciation for the differences in the M113 variants and available kits. This discussion has me even more excited to do a couple of M113 builds!

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