M113 Lynx photos?

Hi, I’ve been working on finishing off the 1/72 Armada Hobby M113 Lynx that I reviewed here a number of years ago.

Does anyone know, please, of some decent clear photos of what I think is an M1919 mounted on the 90° elbow mount on the back? Most clear photos I can find show display vehicles where the entire mount has been removed, whereas photos that include it tend to be distant, blurry shots of vehicles in live service.

This is what I mean:

FYI, this is what I have managed for the .50 on the front:



Empty mounts



Yes, that last one with the spooky masked avenger type is better than what I’ve seen before, thank you.

Still not REALLY clear photos though!!

That bar between the tubular elbow and the gun is just a locking mechanism, is that right? And the gun is held in a small low profile cradle, bolted into a tilting mount, on top of a swivel mount?

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Here you go. If you need any other images just let me know.


Thank you Jason, that’s very clear.

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'Love the Lynx - always looks the biz!

(Which reminds me, I must get the 1:35 one from Perfect Scale Modellbau sometime).


I should have added of course, nice work Matthew!


Thanks to all. This is what I managed to create using the photos… the cradle is somewhat bigger than the real thing, but roughly the right shape.

Somewhat annoyingly the two part brass barrel has slightly separated without me realizing, and now there’s a small gap near the muzzle that I will have to try to fill.

Also a little frustrating is the sight on the .50 cal, which is slightly bent back, and has a bit too much more hardened ca glue on it. I’m planning to just live with that.