M1133 Stryker Exhaust Housing

I am getting everything ready for the Stryker campaign. I have a VERY recent photo (like this past week) of a MEV. The exhaust housing is totally different from what I have seen before. As I am building this particular Stryker, does anyone know if anyone makes this housing or will I have to scratch build it?

Thanks in advance.

Here is the photo:

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Its a M1253 A1 MEW. It`s the M1133 with Double V-hull. It would be futile to build this since you have to scratch-build the entire hull.

So here’s the trick: Convince HeavyArty or one of the other fantastic grognards to scratch the M1253 - sure as shooting, a manufacturer will announce an M1253 kit most ricky tick.


Just kidding. I’m not working on one and have no plans to do so.

Externally, from ground level, I don’t really see any difference between a regular hull and the DVH Strykers. If you built the Trumpeter M1133 and modded it to what you see above, I think you would be good, just don’t flip it over.

Also, the vehicle originally posted is an M1254 MEVV (DVH). The M1253 ATVV (DVH) is the DVH version of the M1134 ATGM Stryker.

You guys are indeed awesome. Hvy, thanks for the photo.

My son will certainly appreciate this. The photos are from his Stryker that he serves on. I will have him take some more photos of the hull just to see how much is visible.


Guys, does anyone have pictures, sketches what is actual difference between old hull and DVH hull.
I see difference in nose section
-double hull

-old hull

Google is your friend…

I tried google, from pictures I can not see except the nose section.
From the sketch I see difference in rear section from bottom.