M114 Early w Interior from Takom | Armorama™

Takom announced a new kit in their pipeline... the continuation of their M114 line.

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Nice. I figured this was eventually coming since their earlier M114 kits had a partial interior (bulkheads) with all the slots and indentions for adding the rest of it. I will get one once it hits the market.

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Same here Gino. I’ve co.pleted the A1E1 in OD, about to paint the A1 in MASSTER. this last will be ?


Ohsure! now that I’m trying to build an interior ,Takom is releaseing one!!!

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That is always the way.

Tsk, are there chances for separate interior kit?

Also interesting that this is actually an earlier version than the other two. This is an M114 w/externally fired .50 cal in a simple pintle mount.

So now Takom offers all three types that were fielded; M114 (externally fired .50 cal), M114A1 (internally fired .50 cal), M114A1E1 (20mm, a.k.a. M114A2).