M114A1 CRV from Takom!

I remember those

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When you were in top-hat position the end of the barrel was right over the engine grills, and turret ring.

Interesting experience with the kit. Not the kit itself, but getting one into my hands.
When the Takom M114 A1/A1E1 was announced on Armorama, I decided to see which method would be faster in actually getting one of the kits; LHS order, or overseas supplier.

I placed an order at my LHS (shout out to Burbank House of Hobbies!) for the A1E1, and placed another order through Hobby Link Japan for the A1. My opinion was that the LHS option would take longer due to US distribution, etc, while HLJ , being closer to the point of manufacture, would arrive faster.

I picked up the A1E1 at HoH yesterday, while HLJ A1 still shows as “awaiting stock”.

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I think you should have went with a Chinese seller to get a faster delivery.
I’ve also heard that shipments from Japan are far behind.

Well, I think I’ll have enough time between working the A1E1 and the arrival of the A1 to keep me occupied! That, and finishing the M911 HET from Meng, which now has the base color applied.

You could also buy another one from a Chinese vender!
Win win!

Maybe from China to Japan but I just got an in stock HLJ order in 6 days. :man_shrugging:

Good man.
Andy was talking about how he can’t get the new M18 in due to slow shipments.

Yeah, I saw one of his videos about that. I think in this case is quantity issue. Ordering one/two pieces is no issue, trying to get cases of a kit is a problem.

I do have a buddy that has ordered the new M18 from a stateside company and still hasn’t gotten it.
I’m not sure what the whole story is there.

I pre-ordered a Tamiya M-18 from a large US internet hobby shop. I haven’t gotten it yet. About two weeks ago I got an email from them that they are delayed, stuck in shipping containers in San Diego. No ETA.

I’ve been tinkering with mine and have started it although I plan on having some of the hatches open; the interior will be hinted at - I don’t plan or need a full version. Can anyone confirm what the personal wepaons mix would be - in addition to shoulder holster pistols - M16 and/or M3 SMG?

The dismount scout would have a rifle, either a M16 or M14 depending upon the timeframe. And then the M1911 pistol and M3 SMG would likely be issued to crew as well


Thanks for that; not quite sure what the final configuration will be but I’m currently planning on say, the Commander standing on top of the vehicle with binos, driver with his head out and the third member also looking from his hatch. I might try and make a typical German haystack for the vehicle to hide behind - yet stll be seen if that doesn’t sound too nonsensical.

Anyway, thanks again.

The M114s had stowage provisions for three M14 rifles (along with three M72 LAW, an M79 GL, and various hand grenades) but no accommodation for an M3 SMG or cal. .45 ammunition.


A club member who crewed on them said “M16’s and M60’s. Main weapons were radio to call for help.”

Thanks all.

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Been trying to find reference pics of these in ARVN service. Would these have been plain OD or ARVN cammo. Think I’ve seen one picture in the cammo. Also any other markings besides the black bar with white or yellow numbers?
Thanks, Wayne

Geek pictures here-

TM here-