M1151 GROM Academy/Bronco/DEF 1:35

My collection is very focused on special forces vehicles. The natural choice is the M1151 from the GROM unit. The base will be the M1151 Academy. I will replace the chassis frame and the hood with a Bronco. DEF Model Wheels. The rear bumper, underbody armor, tool rack on the hood are components. photo-etched. The original vehicle looks like this


Interesting idea, will you make the same air intake snorkel ?

Of course I will try and follow this example

Ok and you have a good example of a scratchbuilt.

It looks very big in comparison with the common US one.

Looks like a straight up Academy OOB build, except for the snorkel and the wheels.

The pioneer rack is easy. Hit up “18Bravo’s” shop at Shapeways for it.

I wonder what is the function of those 2 little round lights added on the bottom of the engine hood, behind the brush guard on the first picture.

It is not such a simple construction. I’ll take pictures tomorrow.

Chassis frame, enlarged radiator, bonnet - M1114 Bronco. Rear bumper from Academy. I’m waiting for the Underbody Protection Kit and it’s time to start playing with the bottom of the vehicle.



Nice. I didn’t consider all that.

Is that underbody protection kit made out of photo-etch parts or is it 3D printed? Had to tell with the black paint on it. TIA

UPK will be in 3D. Today I am picking up the finished item from my friend, so I will take photos. This is what “fast” looks like (photo from “manufacturer”)

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Already on my table UPK and headlights on the hood.


Chassis frame is assembled and painted. UPK- the middle part only lies, because I have to wait for the installation of the underbody armor. The rear part will be replaced - it is currently incorrect. I also installed air conditioners in the wheel arches.

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I believe they’re euro-spec marker lights.

Very interesting subject…great looking build so far.

I put together the additional armor underneath. It is lying loosely so it can be a little crooked. Minor interior modifications. Rear wall door handles, interior lining, seat belts fasteners, rack for ammunition boxes on the air conditioner, glued-in Bronco engine.


A chronicler’s duty. I am waiting for the panels (photo) and later I will be able to mount the black plates on the top

of the wheel arches. (photo with plates)


I haven’t been here for a while, so a little update




Impressive build! I love all the small details.