M1151 Humvee Marine Recon scheme

watching generation Kill and this scheme came up for 1st Marine Recon.

Is that pattern accurate or any other real pics of it?
Screenshot 2023-03-04 205557

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My SF company had a few Tacomas, UAZes and HMMWV’s done up that way. Sprayed Krylon through cammo netting. I’d say it’s legit. Who can prove otherwise?

Rangers hosting a shoot on 1 April. You down?

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Were is it being held at?

Just starting watching this series, not sure how it slipped past me all these years.

This is not M1151. Marine Recon used M998 and M1026




I am just learning all the variants. craparoonie.

I will check the books (GK and Fick’s) later today. Both had photos.

More pics


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Producers in the US often have to use the vehicle that’s available to them (Newer deuces in MAS*H, Chieftain made to look like Abrams in Walking Dead, etc…) so we just have to turn off that part of our brain. Much like I every time I see weapons being handled in nearly anything.

Speaking of which - somewhere near Tyler on ranch. I was only invited yesterday so don’t have all details yet. Singletons or four man teams.