M1151 Tamiya/Legend

just finished this conversion. Not easy but interesting to build.

Items used:

Tamiya M1025
Legend Productions M1151 conversion
Live Resin MCTAGS turret
Arms Corps Models footman loops
Real Model warning sign
Blast Models chameleon IED jammer antenna
DEF Model wheels BF Goodrich
Djiti Productions antenna base

A little scratchbuilt work,
Blue Force Tracker antenna bracket
Armor plates into the rear arch wheels
Rear hatch: The Legend part doesn’t fit at all in the closed position because too short.
So I used Tamiya part with added armor plate in styrene sheet.
New air lift hooks not included in the conversion (Tamiya parts are not the good type for a M1151)
Rebuilt air intake snorkel windscreen bracket.


a fabulous build, I was just wondering why you didn’t get the academy version of this vehicle?

Klaus, thank you.
I have made the Academy model for the “academy campaign” on the old armorama forum in 2016.
This conversion was in my stash for a long time, and I have decided to build it with a clear idea of what I wanted it looks like.

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I think that the Academy kit is OOP for a while. I considered getting the Legend conversion myself. But its around 100 €. :roll_eyes:

I hope that someone makes a conversion for the M1151 “pickup” HMMWV soon.

yeah I have the kit in the stash but 100€ is outrageous for an update/accessories pack.

That is a LOT of work. It was worth the effort. Nice job!

Hi guys,

I have this conversion still in my stash, waiting to be built.
But i’m sure i did not pay € 100, when i bought it at Hobbyeasy some years ago.


Hi Ge, 108 € is the MSRP here in Germany. Not sure if they sell a lot of them. :roll_eyes:

taylorrl, thank you.

Need patience for a few steps, especially doors.
Windscreen is a very bad part completely deformed, first you have to spend time to try to give it a better shape.
Windows must be cut in a thick plexiglas sheet 2mm. I have used my folding tool for photoetched parts to cut this material.

Mirror brackets must be folded with wire. I have used the Tamiya ones instead, an easier way to have 2 identical parts.
From Legend Productions, I just used little angle iron. mirrors were bad molded with air bubbles, I used Tamiya ones.


Sorry for a shameless plug, but I have Legend M1151 conversion on eBay for $70… if you want it, it’s yours.


I have the Legend conversion in my stash as well, a lot of resin and a lot of money even back when I bought it. What did you think of the Live Resin MCTAGS Turret?

Great looking build, congratulations.

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Hi Mario, just saw that my favorite plastic pusher has the Academy kit for 40 Euros.

Thank you.

About the turret, the Live Resin offering is very good. Need attention to have a good fit with the 3 walls. Handles of the M2 machine gun are a bit difficult to put in place, handles in one element like in plastic kits could have been better to work with.

Live Resin casting blocks are easy to remove contrary to Legend Productions ones.

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I have dreamed to make a similar vehicle to pose along side the Jackal something like the previous photo. I recently came across the Academy offering but I will compare details to see if the resin offering is more detailed than the plastic, sometimes having one helps the other.

I would say the 2 productions are similar about details.

There are some fit issues with the Legend kit, especially, roof, windscreen, doors, rear hatch.

I have built both of them and I preferred the Legend built who is more challenging.

As for the “Frankenstein” of the two sets it looks great. :+1:

Thank you very much.

With the word Frankenstein, I understand you talk about the appearance of Legend and Academy productions kits. Do you think they are so bad ?

Oh noooooo. Frankenstein, because it consists of two sets. it looks great

Ah yes, the combination of the different kits of my built, ok. LOL.

Thank you for your thought.