M1165 gmv 1:35

I happily finished. I still can’t make a vignette. The model base is the M1151 Academy. Extras - Live Resin turret and machine gun, rear is a 3D print by Ettore Galasso (Thanks a lot). Legend and Airborne Miniatures figures.


Very good work ! The original kit is unrecognizable.

The egg antenna is not often viewed on models, I guess it has the same function than the cross shaped satcom antenna ?

Very nice paint finish as usual :grinning:

Very well done Piotr.

Probably something that gets lost in the translation with me being Dutch, but what do you mean with “I still can’t make a vignette”? Looks absolutely great to me!

Glad to hear you, but you’re wrong. I am not happy with it and I know I cannot do it.
Mayby… :smile: I still don’t have the skills to build a vignette

Your usual quality workmanship. :+1: :+1:

I love it. The construction, the paint, all nicely done. Is there a back story? I’m having a little trouble figuring out what has happened. Is the figure to the left front of the gun truck throwing a smoke or flash bang grenade? Looks a tad small for smoke, and a flash bang in the open is near useless. Also, generally speaking the .50 gunner wouldn’t dismount that quickly. Your most casualty producing weapon at this point is…not producing any casualties. True, I dismounted often, but only knowing that we were backed up by several other gun trucks. Is it an assault? React to contact? Inquiring minds want to know, Very well done nonetheless.

@18bravo - You are absolutely right. A bit unbelievable scenario. Indeed, the support of the gun turret should be essential. My mistake and a lesson for the future.

I’m working on one myself. Looks amazing. Hopefully mine will look as good.


@SableLiger - Oooooo! Extra! To be continued?

Great finish on everything.


building multiple kits at once. Just got the SAG-II turret recently. WIll post pictures as soon as i can. :slight_smile: