M119 105mm Howitzer - Vargas

I got one of the first prints of the Vargas Scale Models M119/M118 kit in 1:35. This is a 3D printed resin kit. The resin is softer than most and the printing is crisper than others. It has some very intricate parts such as the equilibrator springs and the breach operating mechanism. I did report a couple of issues and improvements to Vargas for implementation in later prints.

I’ve also got the old OOP Mouse House resin kit. This kit is far superior.

And with paint; but sans weathering.


Looking good overall.

The trails look too short on it though.

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Decades ago, I gave the white metal kit from Dartmore Military Models a makeover. Their trail is 97 mm

Hinchcliff made the metal one not Dartmoor mate.

Here are the 1:1 dimensions on it.

I stand corrected. :neutral_face:

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Has it come with two different barrels,

Yes, it has two types of muzzle brakes (US and UK) and an insert to make the longer (UK) M118 barrel.


Will Vargas amend the questioned trail length?

Interestingly, the Aussie Armor / Mouse House resin kit wishbone trail is the same size as the Vargas wishbone…

Different tire pattern on a 2018 gun.

One more US Army data sheet.

Kits tire pattern looks a little bit on the heavy site. Pic from DVIDS.

Better view on the tire pattern.

Same as this one from when I was shooting two years ago:

And from my walk around:

However, it may be dependent upon the time frame, or just on what’s available. I know I have some from way back that have the military lug style tires.

Good to know. It just looked shorter in the pic.

The photos of the guns with the newer tire pattern appear to be A3 models. It looks like the original M119’s like the kit depicts mostly used the non-directional combat tires.

I finished up the Vargas M119 build. It went together pretty quickly - 10 days from the mailbox to the display case. The detail is good. I love the equilibrator springs and the breech detail. I didn’t have any real fit issues. The instructions are minimal but adequate. I’m picking up another copy of the kit to display in the folded travel mode.


Nice. It turned out great.

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Where can I get the model, I’m interested

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