M1240a1 m-atv

after finishing the Sachsen i started with the M1240A1 from Rye Field Models
A very nice detailed kit , there where no problems during building it.
put on some extra stowege and a small base here the result

keep on modeling :smiley: :+1:


Nice one. You should tone down the glossy finish of the spare wheel.



Its a great build and looks lovely,but I would agree with Olivier, the rear spare definitely needs a dusting given to it and the rear in general, including the black boxes in the cargo / crew area. open rear and sided wagons like this will be dust magnets in no time.


A very good job. You already know about the spare wheel, so maybe a black box for dust

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These are older pictures the spare wheel and stowage had already an extra layer of extra matt finishπŸ‘

Nice looking build. On my list to get. Moved up a couple of notches since seeing yours. :+1: :+1:

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