M1245 m-atv socom

Using the talent and work of my colleague @galactica , I am taking the M-ATV SOCOM model. The base is RFM, add-ons are Live Resin and 3D.


Great! Looks like we will be presented with another excellent build project :+1:

I assembled the suspension frame, bumper and tow bar. As Ettore mentioned - the frame in the M1245 is longer, so it was necessary to rebuild its rear


I put the engine together - I don’t know why, because it will be closed. Aaaaa! I know - to have something to stick the silencer to. Rear cage folded up - very delicate elements and you have to be very careful. There is still a lot of work to be done there, so it’s not over. The photos are bad, because the light is bad and the 3D printing is difficult to see


Looking good so far. We’ll probably see much more details once you hit it with some primer.


Anyone have more image of this vehicle? I’d be willing to try modelling it if there are.

Thank you

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PS- I have everything on board now

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The rear part of the vehicle is pre-finished. I had to build two “cabinets” on both sides of the vehicle. The base of the boomerang antenna is here. The second, delicate antenna has yet to wait.
The next steps are


I built the base for CROWS, enlarged the holes for the front window frames. The driver’s board is also ready.


This looks great , have any trouble lining it all up on the chassis?
Not completely happy with the fit on my model .

you need a little soak. due to the enlargement of the front window frames there are small problems with connecting the cabin with the floor.

I took it out of a drawer and it looks like it


Construction continues. A lot of work on this version of the M-ATV, but the effect will be interesting in my opinion.


Nice. The unique camo pattern looks cool.

Nice build and I too like the camo pattern. Did you airbrush or hand painted the camo?

Hand painted :innocent:

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…and better view


Wow, very complex build! Looks great. :smile:

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Neat camo. Disruptive to be sure. :+1: :+1: