M142 HIMARS - the corrected build

Hi Gang,
triggered by the succesful use of HIMARS in the war, I decided to break out my Trumpeter kit and start a corrected build. It will not be a continous build since I have too much on bench, but I hope I can build a correct model of a system from 1/77 FA from Grafenwöhr.
Stay tuned.


Start base

Removing all details from cab side

Uncorrected door.

Real door

Kit seat vs. AM part from ProArt Model


I’ll be watching

I didn’t even bother with the interior. Legend’s front bumper is good, but Trumpeter’s lights don’t fit as well.
Don’t follow the kit instruction and glue the back wall to the base but to the cabin, because you have to rework the back top corner in angle and shape.
Hans-Hermann, do you have good photos of the bracket of the harris antenna?

This was my second attempt, but it wasn’t that successful either.

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Hi Andreas,
you are right, will also not put to much effort on the interior because you won´t see enough. I rework the doors now and then the rest of the cab.
As for antenna bracket, I found those pics. I am still thinking how to reproduce the loop antenna, but with no solution so far.


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Some close-ups of the m.g. cradle and DVE, both missing in the kit.

A job for the 3D printers here?

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Something to buy for my kit.
Is this stowed when the rockets are fired?

Trumpeter also makes the M240 swing arm mount, along w/a M242 Bushmaster barrel (#06614). The set was originally intended for their LAV kits.

If you want to cheat you can use N scale brass ladder stock and remove the rungs you don’t need. Not quite the correct profile but it many have used flat PE to represent rounded items before. (MG rounds) Otherwise I’d use brass microtubing with a piece of flat stack welded in between to fashion the spacers. For the actual antennae you can use brass or carbon fiber rod.

The mount in Trumpeter set is the Platt® swing mount used by the USMC, which is not the same as the one used on the HIMARS


It looks pretty close to me. Also, with how hard it is to get Live-Resin products now, it may have to do.

Hans-Hermann, thanks for sharing the photos. The replica of the electronic rack and the harris antenna loop will be a big challenge. Maybe I’ll find one or the other as an aftermarket set. Which I also need for an M270A1.

Hi Andreas, the box on the rack is the same as with AFV Club M1130. I also found a 3D printed part on Shapeways. It´s from maker Priamide. the Blue Force tracker box can be easily build from scratch. You can also try getting AFV Club Stryker update set.

Stryker Update Set

You also find this document interesting:

Maybe using nylon thread and small aluminium/lead straps?

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Hans-Hermann, thank’s again!

Have you ordered a Legend M240 set from mbk?:thinking:
I had it in a shopping cart and when I went to place my order after night shift it was gone.:sweat_smile:
If I find time, I’ll sratch build the electronic rack.

Hi Andreas, no I haven´t. I have enough AFV Club M240B in my stash. :wink:

Okay. :sweat_smile:

I think I will contact Priamide via shapeways. Maybe he has plans for the Harris antenna which I can use on the M142 or M270a1.

You guys regarding the M240, there is this also…

I believe Dimos @ 3D Micro cosmo models can mount or print other scope sights for it if requested. I had him enlarged his 240 into 1/16 and it came out superb…

Then there is also James and Mike here that can print items as well.

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