M16 and M14 rifles | Armorama™

BRAVO*6 released three new kits depicting rifles used in Vietnam War. Each set includes 4 rifles and photoetched parts for slings and bayonets.

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Ah M14s - the missing link in my Cold War arsena. Good news as now at long last I can address those projects from the 60s. Not too sure that I need a bayonet in 3 pieces though, but I’ll just rejoice!

it looks like they’re the m16 is the one with the tri prong flash suppressors. I also like the fact that at last someone has produced an M14.
3 parts to make a bayonet, seriously, come on guys no one is really going to mess around on that.

over all good news all round here.

On a side note, 2 M14’s are included in Dragon Mechanical Mule w/U.S. Marines set #3317


Finally, very nice M14s as a separate set. I have wanted these for a while. There are a few in other sets in plastic as well; Dragon US Army Sniper set (1), AFV Club M113s (2), Master Box Checkpoint Iraq (1), etc.

M14’s are a nic addition. They look very nice.