M195 20mm cannon in 1/32?

Hello all,
Was wondering if there is an aftermarket M195 20mm cannon in 1/32? Looking, and all I see are the M61/M61A1 Vulcan cannon. Was looking for a replacement for the dreadful M195 in the ICM 1/32 AH-1G late…

Do you mean the M197 20mm gun. I don’t know of any in 1/32 yet. A 1/35 one should be close enough to work though.

No, the M195 is the fatter, short-barreled version of the M61 Vulcan, used in the M35 subsystem on AH-1Gs in Vietnam.

M195 Automatic Cannon.
With the ICM kit being quite new, maybe later the AM industry will discover it.
BTW That gun gave the Cobra quite a punch.

Yup, sorry misread that. Would it be feasible to cut down the barrels on an M61 to make it work? As Herrman says, hopefully there will be an AM option soon.

Check below. CMK to the rescue.

Thanks, Gino!
I was trying to locate the old one Cobra Co. did, through Lone Star, but no joy so far. This is great!.
Thanks again, as I JUST started a scratchbuilt effort…this will save me from embarrassing myself with that.
Much appreciated.

Check CMK. Also check Metallic Details as well.