M198 howitzer

Hi guys,

Does anyone knows what the difference is between an M198 early and late version ?
Is it the barrel length ? 52 caliber versus 39 ?

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The late version has an extended air brake cylinder and a couple gauges for it. Other than that, they are the same. The two Trumpeter kits have the same parts in both, with the early one showing the couple of late parts as not used.

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Thank you, Gino !,

Neither the early nor the late version should have the DR-8 wire reel on the trail. Not sure where Trumpeter came up with that. The small positioning wheel was only on the late version. If building a late version you will want to add 3d printed GDUs from mikeyBugs.

My early version is on the bench back home awaiting primer. I ended up doing a lot of detailing on the trails. Trumpy had a lot of blobs instead of brackets and omitted the pioneer tools. But, it builds into a nice model with a bit of detailing.

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Thanks Rick,

I have the old Airmodel from years ago.
I think Gino buillt the same one.

I did, quite a few years ago. It turned out nicely and wasn’t that bad to build. I used a Trumpeter M198 to build an M777 conversion a few years ago too.

Airmodel M198

Is there a time frame for both early and late version of the M198 ?