M198 “PREDATOR” A Btry 3-162 FA – Yauco

M198 “PREDATOR” A Btry 3-162 FA – Yauco 155mm continued from old forums


“Does (or did) the M198 use aiming stakes? I’d think so, but I’m also real old.

Thanks Gary! The aiming sticks and ramrods are included in the model kit attached inside the legs. I am sure Gary Shively (GazzaS), Gino (HeavyArty), Rob Skipper (18Bravo), Rod Rendon (Bravo114) and others on this forum that were on M198 crews could comment better than I. Many here have also mentioned the M1A2 INFINITY AIMING COLLIMATOR. The folks on this forum have provided a wealth of insight and knowledge that has been wonderful.

Gary your comment on twisting the ribbons up is interesting as that puzzled me as to how a lot of loose stuff got shoved in the breech quickly. I will post a figure on the new forum at the link (as the old Gallery feature always seems overwhelmed lately with the transfer). Thanks- Stuart

Yes, they used the standard M1 red/white striped aiming stakes that have been used since WWII.

Yes again. The Collimator is used as well. The collimator was usually the primary means of aiming and aiming stakes as backup. By the way, the AFV Club M109 kits come with a collimator.

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Great photos Gino! Thank you