M1A1 155mm Cannon “Long Tom” WW2 Version – In-box Review | Armorama™

Rick Taylor reviews AFV Club's long awaited WW2 version of the 155mm "Long Tom" gun part number AF35295 in 1:35th scale.

This is partial text from the full article (usually with photos) at https://armorama.com/news/afv-club-m1a1-155mm-cannon-long-tom-ww2-version---in-box-review
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This are fantastic news Rick, and an excellent review. Now we need the updated M35 tractor!! For the 8" we have the M4 which is not bad.

Outstanding review . very informative and comfortable to read. I just may need one of these now

Mack NO now. Please!

The inaccuracies where corrected. The barrel is now spot on with the drawings. Yes there are a few injector pin marks on the original sprues but all were easily dealt with in my build. No fit issues.


Please clarify whether the provided kit supplied parts for the 8" howitzer. The review gave the impression that they were.

The WW2155mm kit includes all of the styrene parts for the 8-inch howitzer. All that is missing is the metal end of the barrel. The same is the case of the WW2 8-inch kit. It includes all of the parts for the 155mm Long Tom except the metal end of the barrel.

I have built both kits. The WW2 8-inch is in the display case and the WW2 Long Tom is painted and ready for weathering.


Thank you. It seems to be the case that when one model is sold the components are provided for the other. ROCO did the same when they released the M1 155mm gun in 1/87 scale.