M1A1/A2 Abrams Roadwheel Rims

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Been awhile since I’ve posted here. I’ve got something of a silly question. I’ve seen many photos of Abrams tanks, particularly ones that have seen a great deal of wear and tear, where it appears as if the edge of many of the road wheels are white, or at least look like they have a white ring, just inside where the rubber tires meet the road wheel. I’ve not been able to figure out what causes this, but I’m going to hazard a guess. Could it be that these wheels have had the paint on the rims scraped off, and the ‘white’ is just the bare metal (steel or alloy) showing? Is that a reasonable explanation of these ‘white’ wheel rims? Or could it be something else?

That is exactly what you are seeing.

I was hoping for a definitive answer, and none better than Gino! Thank you sir!

I was going to answer as a former M60 and M1 tanker but figured I would defer to more credible sources.

But I can concur.

The roadwheels on the M1 Abrams, regardless of variant are aluminum alloy. Differences will go down to how the wheels are cast and what kind of Hub Cap it has.


New Hub Cap (L), versus Old Hub Cap (R).

An old 19K here, the center guide makes contact with the road wheel causing the paint to be removed. The older the road wheel is the more wear from contact there is.

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