M1A1 Desert Storm scheme


I´m planning to build an M1A1 in Desert Storm that used this scheme:

The issue here is that the picture shows a M1A1 used by the Army, and the drawing said that is a Marine Corps tank, that, as far as I know, have different smoke dischargers and and IDE device in the turret roof (I´m using the Dragon M1A1 AIM kit).

I don´t want to be screwed up, so I´m looking for pictures of the actual vehicle or info that if some Marince corps tanks were in the same configuration than the Army ones.

Hope someone can help.

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During ODS, some USMC M1A1s were in the same configuration as US Army tanks. The Marines were in the middle of fielding Abrams and some Army tanks were diverted to quickly field to the USMC and replace outdated M60A1s. You are good using it in the markings and configuration as shown.

On a side note, a Bn of Army M60A3 TTS tanks were also given to the Marines to replace their M60A1s and provide a better night-fighting capability.

Also, the IDE (better known as an MCD - Missile Countermeasures Device, or laser dazzler) was not used by the USMC until after ODS (around '95), and was seen mostly during the invasion of Iraq in '03.

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I agree with Gino, as Marine tanks where from Army stocks they didn’t have Marine issued equipment designed yet.

For example on this plow tank.

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