M1A1 Desert Storm

Hi Guys,

 I am getting back into the hobby and want to build a quality 1:35 M1A1. Would like to have one from Desert Storm and if possible one from Fort Stewart GA. 

Can you recommend some options?


The Rye Field Models M1A1 1991 kit is perfect for Operation Desert Storm.

If it were from Ft Stewart, it would have to be marked as a 24ID tank. I don’t know of any 24ID decals, so you would have to make them yourself. A 24ID tank would be from either 3-69 Armor, 1-64 Armor, or 4-64 Armor.

Here is a 3-69AR tank in ODS as an example of the markings.

The chevrons are needed for ODS 24th ID tracks. The direction of the chevron indicated which company and the dots represented which platoon.

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There were some old Tamiya decals and Verlinden dry transfers for 24th ID armor.

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Thanks very much guys.

I have the Rye Field M1A1 on order.

Hope to see you make a tank from Bravo Company as I was in that company.

Bravo Co. from which Btn?

3-69 armor

What M1 variant(s) was used during OIF?

M1A1 AIM and M1A2 for the initial invasion. As time went on, M1A2 SEPs were also used.

C co 3/69 AR.

When? I was there ‘88-‘90

85-88. Started on the M60A3 then we got brand new M1IP’s.

I went to Egypt with C Co in ‘89. It was much better than my company.