M1A2 Abrams in 1:16

I’ve got the itch to build one. However, before I fished out $600 for a kit, I’d like to know more about how detailed it is. I’m interested in the display model not a RC unit.

Tamiya doesn’t offer much information about the kit, hence this post.


It has issues. It is also based on a rc kit so in some ways it is very baisic. Biggest visual issue is that it has the NBC intake and exhaust on both the left and right sides of the hull. At the very lest, shave it off of the right side.

I’m building my second Tamiya 1/16 display Abrams atm. The NBC/CBRN system is a separate part & only one for the left hand side is provided, as per the 1:1.

Maybe you’re getting mixed up with a kit from another manufacturer?

Opps, i thought you were looking at the Trumpeter kit to save money. The Tamiya one does not have that issue.

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