M1A2 Abrams SEP Antenna

I have been watching a short video of an M1A2 Abrams SEP on the live-firing ranges.
Something that caught my eye was the pair of very thin flexible antennas; so thin, in fact,
that they swayed great distances whenever the tank moved forwards and backwards.
Three questions: (1) Are these a recent type of antenna?
(2) Are they a specific length?
(3) Are they painted a particular colour, or simply unpainted metal?



Gino answered a few years ago but I think the lengths are backwards.


Nope, the lengths that I gave are correct. The newer, thinner antennas are shorter.

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Then the fiberglass antenna length is a lot less as it is shorter.

I believe the thicker antenna in that particular photo is the EPLRS antenna but Gino was referring to the standard radio antenna.

Correct. The standard, older antennas are thicker and longer than the new, thinner ones. The short, fat antenna is for EPLRS.

And what the hell is EPLRS? I don’t even know what radio systems are in the M1 anymore!

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Enhanced position location & reporting system. Predecessor to blue force tracker I believe. On the Abrams the system radio (computer?) is on the turret basket floor under the gunners seat.