M1A2 Abrams SEP TUSK II Query

I am hoping to incorporate a model of the M1A2 Abrams SEP TUSK II in a suitable vignette or diorama.
While the Abrams is a widely referenced subject, I have as yet to find real-life photos of this particular version. Any suggestions?


The M1A2 SEP TUSK II version was fielded near the end of the US involvement in Iraq and none were sent to Afghanistan, so you will not see many of them in combat situations.

Here are a couple in Iraq.


oddley enough, same unit trying on both pairs of pants.


That is a newer M1A2 SEP v2 during training in Germany. The ARAT tiles are added over the ERA blocks. The ERA blocks are TUSK I and the added ARAT tiles make up the TUSK II package.

Same 4ID unit (1-66 AR, or 1-68 AR) adding the ARATs over ERA blocks.


I had the same problem a year or so ago on this exact subject. I found Tankograd publishing 3009 to be the best source. I believe it is out of print now but still widely available. Hope this helps.

This is one of those kits that I feel bit me in the ass. I got it originally thinking it was so widely used because so many were being built by modelers. Then started looking deeper into it with the 3 in 1 Academy kit. Now I dont think I will do either Tusk in it.

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Same here…ended up scraping the tusk part and just building it as a SEP

WHen i built mine, I skipped the turret armor and kept the lower sideskirt armor.

Preferred the “cleaner” look.


Definitely looks good clean

being silly, but kinda seems easier to find fielded pics of a Maus than this.

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From what I’ve seen; the TUSK kit was was fielded in combat ops (in Iraq) in 2006, by 2008, all Abrams in-country were fitted with the kits. Noted that not EVERY piece of the kit was used. as pictured below, the belly armor and lower ERA blocks on the side skirts was used, along with the armored cupolas on the commander and gunner stations. Some units added the coaxial .50 cal MG over the mantlet.

Slightly different subject, the standard SEP version (as offered in 1/72 scale by Flyhawk).
Are there any aftermarket sets allowing you to convert this kit to the SEP V2 version?
As as I am aware, this simply needs the addition of CROWS II for the commander’s MG,
and the armoured glass protection for the loader’s weapon … correct?


No idea on 1/72 conversion sets.

The actual vehicle has a modified commander’s cupola since the .50 cal ring is removed. It also has the RWS and armored shields for the loader, different oil cap covers on the roadwheels, a camera built into the right taillight housing, along w/a few other small changes.

You can see the M1A2 SEP v2 specific parts in blue below. The CIP squares on the sides and rear of the turret are not specific to any version though. The Counter-IED antenna and box in the turret basket is not type specific either.


Thanks for that information … clearly a more involved conversion than I originally thought.
Maybe I am better settling for the standard SEP as offered in the Flyhawk kit.


I think the ECM box at the back and the square antenna are specific to the type and if I recall correctly the crosswind sensor position has shifted a bit towards the left on V2 vehicles.

There are also some differences on the left side engine deck grilles on the V2 (shape and size, nothing major)

The ECM box and antenna are only seen on the v2 since it is new. It is not specific to the v2 though, as it is also seen on Bradleys and M1A2 v3s. The engine deck is the same as is the position of the crosswind sensor. On the v3, the left side of the engine deck is different due to the reinstallation of the Under Armor APU (UAAPU).

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