M1A2 Abrams, what brand is the best?

Found this video on the assembly and painting of the Ryefield M1A2 SEP v2 (5029) and it gave me a ton of ideas. I hope it does to you all as well…


You are correct sir I am a Track Mechanic and that is the standard response to a tank being down, but I have also done a lot of tear down from wine cups to the replacing the rings on the shaft inside the engine to replacing a short shaft in the transmission. The level we went usually was mission and time and parts dictated as well as what the maintenance chief wanted to take on.

I’m sure you did. Track mechs. worked their butts off to keep our beasts running! And are way too often forgotten or underappreciated!


my dad spent the better part of his 21 yrs as a tracked vehicle mechanic before he retired hes was a motor SGT E-6