M1A2 Abrams, what brand is the best?

I’ve been thinking of making m1a2 abrams but don’t know from which brand should I buy. I built sepv2 from rfm but its hull especially the wheels part was horrible.

Do you want to do a specific version? With TUSK or a bare M1A2 or a SEP?

Sorry to tell you, but Rye Field is one of the best. The Newer Dragon M1A2 SEP (3536) is also good. Meng’s Abrams are also very nice.

Tamiya’s M1A2 is much easier to build, but less detailed as well. I personally am not a Tamiya fan.


I would like the most sepv2 version but basic m1a2 also could be.

My vote goes for the Ryefield Models M1A2 SEP V2

And I have the Dragon M1A2 SEP V2, which is a really nice kit as well.


Yeah rfm is indeed good, good details but the assembling of wheels in sepv2 kit is horrible

what actually makes sepv2 from rfm better than the one from dragon?

Avoid the Tamiya kits, their engineering and details are not that good.

For a SEP V2 I would choose either

Rye Field Models 5029

Academy 13504 but with the extra track included

Dragon M1A2 SEP v2 3556 would be my last choice because the latest SEP v2 extra parts are not that good and because it is a nightmare to figure which part to use and which not. The instructions are the typical Dragon horrible sheet.

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Speaking of the Abrams Gino who do you see most likly doing a SEP V.3 ?

I don’t see the issue with the RFM road wheels. They go together just like any other 1/35 Abrams (or most other 1/35 tank) road wheel.

The latest Dragon M1A2 SEP v2 and Rye Field M1A2 SEP v2 are about equal. The RFM one does come with a bunch of gear and stowage as well. Rye Field’s also comes with plastic indi-link tracks as opposed to Dragon’s soft DS Styrene (rubbery, vinyl-like) tracks.

As to the M1A2 SEP v3, I would guess either Meng or Rye Field doing it first, maybe Dragon as well. We’ll see.