M1A2 ID help

Can someone help ID this M1A2 please. Is it a SEP V2? Notice this one has the shields around the commander’s cupola and also has the CROWS LP.

I think it is an M1A2 SEP v3 with TC’s gunshields added. It is hard to tell, but the front towing/tie-down points look like the newer, larger ones on a v3. I can’t really tell if it has the attachment points for ERA tiles on the turret sides though. It’s also hard to see the turret front for the flat pieces along the mantlet where the extra armor has been added. All the identifying features seem to be in the shadows…or is the new green on green camo hiding them well like it is supposed to? :thinking:

Disregard all above. It is an M1A2 SEP v2. See below.

Thanks for the quick reply.

I found the image from this X (Twitter) post on Taiwanese M1A2T’s. I was trying to find out which specific version Taiwan was getting.

OK, in the same X feed, it shows a frontal shot of the same tank. In this shot you can definitely tell it is an M1A2 SEP v2. It has none of the v3 features.


So the SEP V2’s are being retrofitted with the CROWS LP? I only posted the other image as I was more interested in the one with the TC’s shields. I should have posted both images for better clarity.

Notice the CVC helmets worn by the two individuals? No hard shells on them… I’m guessing this is stock photography and probably from Lima, OH on track testing of an M1A2 SEP v2.

Most new M1A2SEPs are fitted with the Low-Profile CROWS II as the original CROWS II is a tall RWS.

Thanks for all the replies.