M1A2 SEP V2 Abrams - completed

This is Tamiya’s 1/48 scale M1A2 Abrams - I upgraded it to an SEP V2 version and tried to capture the look of the temporary Green paint that 1-66 Armor used briefly in 2017.

Most of the additions are scratchbuilt but the CROWS is a 3d printed item purchased off Shapeways and some of the stowage comes from a Red Zebra stowage set. Decals are all home printed.



Very nice!

Dang, nice, can’t believe that’s 1/48! :+1:

Great look you have done there John and the scratch parts are great to bring it up to spec. Nice looking green as well… Makes a nice change from the desert norm…:+1:

Very nice! One question, I just bought the 1/35 CROW from the same person on Shapeways, how is the molding and is there much clean up needed?

Outstanding scratchbuilding!

Where did you get the Red Zebra parts?

Hi Ken - I got them direct from Red Zebra a couple of years ago.


It’s a one-man operation specialising in short run sets. Paul used to do quite a few 1/48 scale accessories, but they don’t sell as well as his 1/35 scale range (which he has been expanding) so he’s withdrawn most of the 1/48 sets. However, if you drop him an email, he may be willing to do another set of the M1A2 parts if the moulds are still usable.

Great guy to deal with.


Very nice, it really is hard to believe this is a quarter scale model.

The peculiar greenish tone and custom decals make the model unique.

Well done,

Very impressive display. Which color did you use for the Green? I have the same project standing by for paint in 1/35th from DML.

Thanks for sharing your work. :+1: :+1:

I used Tamiya XF-5 Flat Green as the base colour.

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SUPERB MODEL!..Great paint job. Is that a kit supplied figure?

It’s a resin figure from HLBS - 1/48 Model Vehicles and figures

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Hi John,
Thanks for the link…looks like excellent products!