M1A2 SEP v2

Here is something I am completing for the LTC commanding this tank. It depicts him and his tank at the NTC. Still a little work to do on the base. I plan to put a figure in the TC hatch.

It’s the RFM kit that comes with MILES gear. I love this kit. The MILES gear is pretty nice. I wired up the current wireless version of MILES. It is technically not called MILES anymore, but most people still refer to it that way.



Looks awesome as usual, Bob. Great job on it.

You done a great job with it. I am fast becoming a fan of the M1 family… I have the tamiya M1A1 dozer on route… But I can sense an M1a2 SEP fast approaching lol…one Q for the buffs, what are the 3 rods surrounding the .50 barrel, I’ve seen it a few times but never been sure about it ?

These are part of the BFA (Blank Firing Adaptor). Basically they hold the barrel plug on by attaching to a bolted on plate at the other end of the barrel.

.50 cal BFA


What you meant to say was I want to spend more time cleaning the weapon and barrel then if I shot real rounds BFA. Oh look it malfunctioned, I guess it’s butta butta jam time :joy:

Nice! Just out of curiosity, what unit?

1-64 AR. They received these Natoflage tanks when they were in Korea a couple of years ago. I thought that along with the dust effects of the desert would make a nice juxtaposition.

There are spent rounds in both catch baskets, but I did not take good photos of that. I did not have to put much into the load plan as the LTC had little in the way of stowage. There normally would be a MILES sensor on the rear of the bustle rack but my photo did not show it - maybe covered up by the VS-17 panel?

I need to paint up/highlight some rocks to make them stand out a bit and create some interest in the groundwork, and fix up the track marks in the sand. The COs are providing a plaque for the front.

Thanks Robert, great job :sunglasses::+1:

Thanks for that Gino, totally different to our BFAs on the GPMG… I haven’t ever seen one on a UK .50…

Lovely work you have done on this kit! The camo and weathering really stand out. I’m getting a M1A2 SEP soon and I’m considering doing a similar pattern instead of the regular sand color.

Great effort Bob. The only comment that I would make is really just a nitpick about missing smoke grenade launcher covers. Maybe the Korean APS personnel lost them, eh?? It is good to see you back building heavy metal.


Great job Robert. But I’m not surprised at all.


Great looking work!

Slightly off topic, but a couple of Q;s for the U.S armour buffs to do with M1a1/2’s.

Q1. Robs offering above shows an M1 with a pretty low amount of external stowage displayed, others; say on Ops have kit hung on all over the place, which I get. Whats the score with wagons back in camp and in the Hangers ? We would always completely de-kit our wagons less the very heavy tow bars/ropes etc and store it in cages. Is this the same with U.S armour - are they all externally clean of kit while in base locations ??

Q2. What colour do M1’s come out the factory as a base colour these days ? is it a desert colour or 1 colour green or 3 colour cam ? or dependent on unit allocation ?

Thanks for any insights - John

Q1: I don’t know about forward deployed but stateside and how the hog spends most of time is similar to how you describe stowage free, machine guns removed, tools in storage bins and tow ropes/bar in place. I would image forward deployed depending on location would be similar. Gear would only be added depending on location and duration.

Q2: I think it would depend on location for delivered.

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Thanks for the steer Ryan, very helpful. I sort of guessed it would be similar to ours when we were in camp, just needed some confirmation.

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Hi John. Thanks for looking in. I did consider the covers and I was happy to see in one photo of the real tank at the NTC he did not have the covers on. Lucky me! I hate doing those covers.


ntc1 (3)

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Hi Kenaicop,

Speaking of sep v3, I just wanted to ask how your M1a2c conversion was going? I believe you were working on it in the old forums? I am really interested in seeing how it turns out.

Thank you!


It’s on hold, had too many projects going, but after all these posts I’m kind of reenergized to dig back in, plus I’m self quarantined

Thanks for the quick reply. And good luck. :slight_smile:

It looks like no manufacturer is coming out with an M1a2c/v3 soon. I have not even heard any more news of that Dragon v3 with Trophy that looked like a prototype and not a production version…