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It's official... RFM is launching new Abrams and Leo kits, with additional aftermarket upgrade solutions.

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Yup, being discussed over here already.

Hey HeavyArty, is “discusses” the same as “discussed”…? :wink:


Is there a time frame for release?
This may be the last version of the M1 series now that the Version 4 was canceled and the Booker is the works.

M10 Booker has nothing to do with future M1 Abrams development. The Booker is intended to replace the Stryker MGS and restore some firepower to 82d ABN after they got rid of their M551 Sheridans. M10 is only a 105mm to support light forces.

Excellent. I want both.

I thought I read where they canceled, or decided not to go forth with the SEP Version 4.

Correct, but they are going forward with work on the next gen Abrams, an M1E3, which will take the design even further.

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Now that General Dynamics Land Systems proved with the AbramsX that they can place three crew members in the hull and have a remote weapons turret with a 120mm gun and autoloader, the U.S. Army (aka, that HQ place), can design the M1E3 with some of these AbramsX changes.

The U.S. Army is enamored with placing the crew in the hull for decades, and the canceled Future Combat System (FCS) meant to do this.

I believe that loitering munitions, ECM, sensors, UAS drones, Active Protection Systems, and C-UAS drone defense should be standard on the M1E3. The firepower has to extend beyond the range of the 120mm gun and there needs to be active rooftop and perimeter defense.

With the crew in the hull, perhaps the M1E3 chassis can produce new variants besides MBTs at a lower tonnage weight.

I am never a fan of one size fits all. The M1 should stay focused on being a tank. If you want to add a drone weapon to the battle field, make a dedicated platform for that. Maybe a launch vehicle with 20 drones and a control vehicle. Two M577’s would work or something like them.